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Happy New Year! ^_^

Yay, it is now 2006! It is weird 2005 felt really long yet really short at the same time 0_o My perception of time lately has been weird I think ^_~ So I was going to call all my friends today (the ones that I have phone numbers for ^-^) since my dad has free weekends on his cell phone but he went to see a friend and took the cell phone !_! He left so quickly I didn't think to ask for him to leave it with me. Oh, well... it was a nice idea. So happy new year to all my friends! ^_^ I will email some since i can't call! :D

My new years was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be ^_^ After work I picked up some pizza's for a late dinner and watched a movie with my brother and his friend and we watched the ball drop in New York on TV ^_^ Yes, I was awake until midnight ^_~ almost didn't make it though ^-^' I tried something new! ^_^ My brother said for me to order grilled chicken pizza... That sounded completely weird to me 0_o but I tried it and it was good! ^_^ So in 2005 I learned that ham and pineapple on a pizza is good and at that chicken on a pizza really isn't so strange ^_^

I have some good news for the new year! ^_^ My Asuka costume is finally finished! ^_~ I know I was wondering if that was ever going to happen myself but I was sooo happy to have finally finished it ^_^ The hair color wasn't as red as I wanted it to be but oh well for Animazement I might use some real hair color for now I didn't want to change my hair color for real ^_^ It did darken my hair a little at least I liked it ^_^ So here it is ^_^

It is Pooka! ^_^ Hehe, my cat wanted to join in on the photo fun ^_~

There will be more photos soon ^_^ I don't have time to add them to my web site right now :( I have a test I have to study for. Yes, I'm on winter break and I still have a test! Grrr... school can be so mean sometimes they just don't want to give me a break *sigh* After I take the test I will up date my web site ^_^

Ok, well I need to go study. ^-^' I hope everyone had a wonderful new years and will have a great year ahead! ^_^ *huggles* HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! ^_^
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